Definition of prototypic in US English:



  • See prototype

    • ‘They show that, as early as 1938, he had begun a deliberate attempt to subject another multiple allelic series to a recombination analysis, namely that of bithorax, whose prototypic allele, bx, he had discovered in 1915.’
    • ‘These books transmit the disturbing concept that there is a ‘normal’ or prototypic, standard anatomy and disregard, in most cases, the more important clinically useful anatomy.’
    • ‘A prototypic nanoclinic first synthesized at the Institute consisted of a magnetic iron oxide core, a two-photon optical probe, and a silica shell.’
    • ‘Alzheimer's disease is the prototypic dementia, characteristically starting with mild forgetfulness and a tendency to repetition in conversation: memory failure worsens, with appointments and recent events forgotten.’
    • ‘The Barbican kitchen is a prototypic solution to a problem formulated by a designer.’