Definition of protoplasmic in US English:



  • See protoplasm

    • ‘The voice became more and more garbled until the telephone became nothing more than a bubbling protoplasmic mass of dripping plastic, and the voice stopped altogether.’
    • ‘Even if you survive it, you're still going to remain one of the planet's least fondly remembered sub-species of protoplasmic life.’
    • ‘In roughly contemporary work that employs Surrealist-inspired automatism, only traces of the grid remain, poking in from the edges and punctuating a field of free-floating brightly colored protoplasmic shapes.’
    • ‘The protoplasmic variety, found mostly in gray matter, have plump and abundant cell processes that branch repeatedly.’
    • ‘All that blood stirring makes one aware of protoplasmic solutions, the essential matter between the formed and the unformed, masses of cells consisting largely of water, proteins, lipoids, carbohydrates, and inorganic salts.’