Definition of protonate in US English:



[with object]Chemistry
  • Transfer a proton to (a molecule, group, or atom), so that a coordinate bond to the proton is formed.

    ‘the acid environment favors conversion of these anions to their protonated uncharged form’
    • ‘Once all contacts are established and the ligand is protonated, the interaction is quite strong and the dissociation reaction is much slower than with similar amidine compounds.’
    • ‘All aspartic acid and glutamic acid residues as well as C-terminal groups were deprotonated; arginine, lysine, and N-terminal groups were protonated.’
    • ‘We postulate that this pathway is blocked when both groups are protonated (state A) or deprotonated (state C).’
    • ‘Ionizable groups were protonated to represent pH = 7.0.’
    • ‘In the second basic photocycle step, the chromophore is protonated and structural changes take place in the protein.’