Definition of protogynous in US English:



Botany Zoology
  • (of a hermaphrodite flower or animal) having the female reproductive organs come to maturity before the male.

    The opposite of protandrous
    • ‘Functionally, flowers are hermaphroditic, protogynous and self-compatible, but substantial seed production requires insect pollination.’
    • ‘Of particular interest was gender variation of early blooming inflorescences in this protogynous species.’
    • ‘Female wrasses are called protogynous hermaphrodites, which means they can change sex to become males should there be a need, such as when a dominant male is eaten, dies, or is chased away.’
    • ‘Flowers of this species are protogynous, visited by a good variety of insects, and capable of both self-and cross-fertilization.’
    • ‘The pistillate flower of the cyathium develops before the male ones; thus each cyathium is functionally a protogynous hermaphrodite ‘flower’.’