Definition of protoceratops in US English:



  • A small quadrupedal dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, having a bony frill above the neck and probably ancestral to triceratops. The fossilized remains of many individuals and their eggs have been found in Mongolia.

    Genus Protoceratops, infraorder Ceratopsia, order Ornithischia

    • ‘But the protoceratops was a small dinosaur which walked on all fours and was likely to have been a clumsy creature with short legs and a long heavy body.’
    • ‘Why, there are tyrannosaurs out there just waiting to have a nice meal of protoceratops delivered on a platter.’
    • ‘He braved civil war, bandit armies, wolves, and sandstorms to uncover the first fossils of the protoceratops dinosaur and the velociraptor theropod in Mongolia.’