Definition of prothorax in US English:



  • The anterior segment of the thorax of an insect, not bearing any wings.

    • ‘This expansion of the posterior expression boundaries was examined in detail and correlated with derived morphological structures of the prothorax as compared with the most primitive apterygote species.’
    • ‘The head is analogous to a statolith, the movements of which are monitored by fields of hair sensilla located on the head, neck, and prothorax.’
    • ‘Relative to the foundress, soldiers have an enlarged prothorax and fore femora, reduced wings and antennae, and a pale exoskeleton.’
    • ‘In comparison, Drosophila Polycomb mutant embryos have ectopic denticles on the dorsal head, and the second thoracic segment is anteriorly transformed to prothorax while abdominal segments are posteriorly transformed.’
    • ‘The prothorax is small, the legs slender, the first pair elongate.’
    • ‘Next, the head separates from the prothorax from 30 weeks.’