Definition of proteome in US English:



  • The entire complement of proteins that is or can be expressed by a cell, tissue, or organism.

    ‘the analysis of the human proteome’
    • ‘Genome-wide surveys for simple sequences have shown that these low-complexity sequences are the most commonly shared peptide fragments in eukaryotic proteomes.’
    • ‘Thus, microarrays of an entire eukaryotic proteome can be prepared and screened for diverse biochemical activities.’
    • ‘During the past decade research in the field of molecular biology has gradually shifted from the analysis of single genes to the analysis of whole genomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes.’
    • ‘The observed toxin phylogeny is, thus, consistent with both single and multiple recruitments of these proteins into the venom proteome.’
    • ‘A major task for the postgenomic era is to characterize the full protein complement, i.e. the proteome, for organisms.’


1990s: blend of protein and genome.