Definition of proteoglycan in US English:



  • A compound consisting of a protein bonded to glycosaminoglycan groups, present especially in connective tissue.

    • ‘A progressive deposition of proteins, proteoglycans, and collagen fibers occurs in lung interstitium, and interstitial fibrosis occurs.’
    • ‘Research into the mechanisms controlling the process has highlighted proteins and proteoglycans as possible control molecules.’
    • ‘The pericellular coat of eukaryotic cells contains, besides hyaluronan, also other proteins, among them proteoglycans such as aggrecan and versican, which interact with hyaluronan.’
    • ‘These are type IV collagen, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, entactin and laminin.’
    • ‘When a wound occurs, a wide variety of structural and functional proteins such as proteoglycans, collagen and fibronectin are marshaled to the wound site.’