Definition of protégée in US English:


(also protegee)


  • A female protégé.

    • ‘Lisa insinuates herself into Ruth's life by becoming her secretarial assistant, then disciple and protégée, and finally friendly rival, as she in turn publishes a volume of acclaimed short stories.’
    • ‘As Lady Gee sets about sabotaging Haven's friendship with Bonnie, she deploys her own attractive protégée, Lynn, to sweeten Georgie.’
    • ‘Apparently the country music protégée had his ‘Vet tricked out.’
    • ‘Kelly, who is Bryan's protégée, has this absolutely lovely knack for investing each element of a dish with its own striking acuity, yet the sum is not only harmonious but almost weightless.’
    • ‘Next to the sell-out performances of the Kirov, Mr. Balanchine's protégée and her ensemble rated near capacity and a very warm, appreciative audience.’