Definition of protectress in US English:



  • A female protector.

    • ‘The key to the most profound meaning of the altarpiece may well be St Margaret of Antioch, the saint in red on the right, and the protectress of all pregnant women.’
    • ‘Many times I offered cakes and fruit, especially to my patron Goddess Artemis, protectress of children.’
    • ‘There she is named as one who is prosperous, yet fierce and passionate, a great mother, a refuge, a divine destroyer, a benevolent goddess, a protectress.’
    • ‘The virgin here is the protectress of those at sea, so another wall is filled with lots and lots of paintings of ships in distress, some being wrecked and some just being tossed about in terrible weather.’
    • ‘One of Boucher's closest associates had been Diderot's protectress, Mme de Pompadour.’
    • ‘She is represented in one of a pair of medallions containing portraits of the newlyweds, and also in the guise of her namesake and principal protectress, St Margaret of Antioch.’
    • ‘At the front of what became a giant yin-yang symbol stands a rough stone statue of Kwan Yin, our household protectress, with Japanese flowers at her feet.’
    • ‘She is, above all, the Goddess of the City, the protectress of civilized life, of artesian activities, and of agriculture.’
    • ‘In the former film, we see through the eyes of a hyperimaginative little girl as she visually transforms [via clunky superimposition] a threatening woman into a benevolent protectress.’
    • ‘It's my responsibility as protectress to this town to make sure everyone is alright!’
    • ‘Osyth is a passionate and vengeful protectress who vehemently defends the material interests of herself and her faithful, holding out to the audience the prospect of celestial help in the redress of terrestrial wrongs.’
    • ‘The pink rose also represents pain, suffering and death in Roman mythology when Apollo turns Rhodanthe into a rose after she unsuccessfully tries to unseat Diana, his sister, as the goddess of the hunt and the protectress of women.’
    • ‘The theme of the window is the Virgin as protectress of mariners in distress.’
    • ‘The nymphs and their mastiff are quicker to spot the boys than, perhaps, the viewer of the picture; certainly more alert than their majestic protectress Diana, who is distracted by an archery contest.’
    • ‘The goddess Hathor was the protectress of an important wine-producing area, and myths linked her to wine and drunkenness.’
    • ‘He promoted the Virgin as its protectress, commissioning a hymn in her honour, and incurred criticism from Bruno of Querfurt for ‘favouring the Roman people above all others with money and honours'.’
    attendant, aide, helper, assistant, personal assistant, valet, equerry, squire, lady in waiting
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