Definition of protector in English:



  • 1A person or thing that protects someone or something.

    ‘ear protectors’
    ‘a passionate protector of animal rights’
    • ‘The biggest of the ringing bells is three tonnes and an arresting sight as it gracefully arcs round, even if we can't hear it to its full capacity thanks to our bright red ear protectors.’
    • ‘And where are the guardians and protectors of all that is right and good in western medicine?’
    • ‘I currently have elderly patients who describe feeling insecure when not wearing their hip protectors.’
    • ‘In hearing protection, sophisticated electronic protectors are the trend.’
    • ‘The most basic kind of power protection is a surge protector, also known as a surge suppressor.’
    • ‘Inside was a surge protector - the key item they were looking for.’
    • ‘Currently, though, and from a historical standpoint, the custodians and protectors of the document inspire little confidence.’
    • ‘Third, we visualize assisting and protective forces, the dharma protectors.’
    • ‘So these charms were considered ' lucky charms' and powerful protectors against evil.’
    • ‘In the way they are described in this bill they sound a bit like glamorised security guards and protectors of the collections.’
    • ‘Compliance with wearing hip protectors is low because many older patients find them uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Sometimes their role as custodians and protectors of biodiversity is not even acknowledged.’
    • ‘What is feasible in the short term is a smaller entity that will protect the protectors.’
    • ‘Some of the vests now have a collar and groin protector.’
    • ‘Perhaps it means I should wear a pocket protector and thick glasses.’
    • ‘I want to show up with a catcher's mask, chest protector and shin guards.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was just payback for being their protector and provider.’
    • ‘These dogs traveled with the Roman armies, for whom they served as guards, protectors and draft dogs.’
    • ‘These protectors guarded over the tombs of the kings, in what is now known as the Valley of the Kings.’
    • ‘He then donned his hearing protectors and yellow sunglasses and manned the air cart.’
    defender, preserver, bodyguard, minder, guardian, guard, champion, watchdog, ombudsman, knight in shining armour, guardian angel, patron, chaperone, escort, keeper, custodian
    guard, shield, pad, buffer, cushion, screen
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  • 2historical A person in charge of a kingdom during the minority, absence, or incapacity of the sovereign.

    1. 2.1The title of the head of state in England during the later period of the Commonwealth between 1653 and 1659, first Oliver Cromwell (1653–58), then his son Richard (1658–59)
      • ‘Through his unique talents as a politician and military commander during the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell rose from humble origins to become Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England.’
      • ‘In 1653 it became the home of Oliver Cromwell after he was made Lord Protector of the Commonwealth.’