Definition of protea in English:



  • An evergreen shrub or small tree with large nectar-rich conelike flower heads surrounded by brightly colored bracts, chiefly native to South Africa.

    • ‘It brings new life for proteas, certain trees and fynbos plants.’
    • ‘This bird is a ground forager, feeding on proteas, casuarinas and other small trees.’
    • ‘Native to the southern hemisphere and predominantly found and grown in South Africa, proteas produce bright, exotic looking flowers sought after by the cut-flower industry.’
    • ‘Rather brace yourself for bunches of fresh arum lilies, proteas, flame lilies and aloe leaves.’
    • ‘The expanse of space south of Arcadia up the steep ridge will, over a period of some 20 years, be denuded of its black wattles and gum trees, and be replaced with indigenous acacias and proteas.’


Modern Latin, from Proteus, with reference to the many species of the genus.