Definition of prosthetist in US English:



  • A specialist in prosthetics.

    • ‘She regularly leads seminars and workshops on footcare for diverse gatherings of healthcare professionals, including orthotists, prosthetists, physical therapists, pedorthists and many others.’
    • ‘The prosthetists want to tinker with the alignment on a treadmill to make sure it's set up correctly.’
    • ‘They were being seen and assessed by him and his team of therapists and prosthetists, who then briefed the press on the care the boys can be given.’
    • ‘I got first class medical treatment and access to some of the best prosthetists in Britain.’
    • ‘Come by my office later, I'll give you the number for a prosthetist.’
    • ‘Yesterday my prosthetist made a plaster cast which will form the basis of the new limb.’
    • ‘My prosthetist made a pair of plastic and carbon fibre sockets which fit my stumps.’
    • ‘His dental prosthetists must have had a ball - all those brilliant Hollywood smiles to cover up with snaggle-green peggles.’
    • ‘And then your own prosthetist has to make the socket and the shin, because everybody's limb is different shapes.’
    • ‘Problems with friction and discomfort have forced my prosthetist to remake the socket three times.’
    • ‘To maintain their status, prosthetists and their technicians have to get a certain amount of continuing-education units.’
    • ‘My prosthetist, Ian, has made two clear fibreglass casts, one slightly bigger than the other, which will form the basis of my new leg.’
    • ‘Much of the progress in the field of prosthetics over the last fifty years has been due to cooperation between prosthetists, surgeons, engineers, and materials scientists.’
    • ‘I'm learning a whole new vocabulary, a secret lexicon known only to amputees and prosthetists.’
    • ‘A new resource has been developed to assist prosthetists in fitting.’
    • ‘Today, he declines to be interviewed about the incident, but it has had a profound impact on the course of his life - afterwards, he went back to school to become a licensed prosthetist.’
    • ‘Coming from an Irish farming family, prosthetist Heather had discovered the perfect solution.’
    • ‘After various problems, they were eventually referred to the Birmingham Rehabilitation Centre two years ago and were introduced to another prosthetist.’
    • ‘I was told very early on by my prosthetist that if I wanted a limb that looked realistic I'd have to pay for it.’
    • ‘My prosthetist is taking the Freedom Foot he used on the first leg he ever made for me and attaching a new socket to it.’