Definition of prosciutto in US English:



  • Italian ham cured by drying and typically served in very thin slices.

    • ‘On Saturday evening there was a banquet with antipasti, sausage, pasta, prosciutto, cheese, salad, dessert, and lots of wine.’
    • ‘Place a scallop on top of the ocean gelée, set a slice of prosciutto on top, and spoon some citrus sauce around the dish.’
    • ‘I tried Parma ham, figs, prosciutto and pâté in the late Thirties, things the average family wouldn't taste until 30 years later.’
    • ‘My ham biscuits feature prosciutto instead of country ham, and are more likely to be served with a sweet and hot mustard sauce on rolls than biscuits.’
    • ‘Today, use such cured meats as ham, prosciutto, bacon, and pancetta for the hints of salt, nuts, and spice that curing imparts.’
    • ‘So I got the Italian panini with prosciutto, mozzarella and Italian dressing.’
    • ‘For the fig with smoked prosciutto: In a small dish, place a halved fig with a slice of smoked prosciutto.’
    • ‘Season the sturgeon fillets, brush with egg whites, and wrap each with two slices of prosciutto.’
    • ‘In the end I chose Italian prosciutto on a salad of blue cheese, roasted chestnut mushrooms and peppers to start.’
    • ‘Pounded veal is rolled around mozzarella and prosciutto, an Italian ham, and cooked in Marsala wine with mushrooms and onions.’
    • ‘I was delighted to find a wide selection of smoked meats, pâtés, prosciutto, sausages and cheeses.’
    • ‘Lay two slices of the sweetbreads on top and arrange two slices of prosciutto around them.’
    • ‘He says that while there will never be a substitute for really good Italian olive oil, prosciutto and some cheese, he doesn't see why you can't use British products in an Italian way.’
    • ‘Then, in a glass bowl, mix the ground pancetta and prosciutto with the ground Italian sausage.’
    • ‘Put that pleasant duck prosciutto on an appetizer plate, however, and the leanings of the kitchen become apparent.’
    • ‘Do you think you can find decent prosciutto, salmon or Dim Sum there?’
    • ‘They can be dressed up by cutting them in half, plopping a dab of goat cheese on top and wrapping that with thinly sliced prosciutto ham.’
    • ‘Wonderfully ripe figs and prosciutto sliced thin as silk stockings dovetail gracefully with the help of a dense balsamic vinaigrette.’
    • ‘This time of year, start with ground turkey instead of beef, then add tropical jerk flavors from the Caribbean, and finally, swathe the loaf in thin slices of prosciutto.’
    • ‘Line a plate with a slice of prosciutto and place the gnocchi on top.’