Definition of prophetic in US English:



  • 1Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.

    ‘his warnings proved prophetic’
    • ‘And who are the most successfully prophetic when it comes to predicting the future?’
    • ‘His words looked to have a prophetic ring as the Scots came of age in an enthralling and ebbing battle of two sporting codes.’
    • ‘Sometimes I try to think about having prophetic dreams, but it never happens.’
    • ‘These events function as pessimistic and prophetic metaphors, not optimistic of the future.’
    • ‘Dreamers might also experience prophetic dreams that they would convey to others to forestall danger.’
    • ‘Well, it was eerily prophetic.’
    • ‘His visionary voice is potentially stifled by sorrow and grief, and he attempts to contain that dangerous erosion of his prophetic vision.’
    • ‘Yet in the context of 1935, the closing words also seem strangely prophetic.’
    • ‘There can be no question that the church assumed itself capable of authoritative prophetic utterances.’
    • ‘He was a prophetic poet with an individual and social message for the age in which he lived.’
    • ‘On his next run, after a circuit or so of Exeter, my words were confirmed as cruelly prophetic.’
    • ‘The debacle at the Dome has proved to be prophetic.’
    • ‘How prophetic those words were, especially the last two points, written in 1966!’
    • ‘His words prove prophetic, as the kid are left disappointed.’
    • ‘His words sound eerily prophetic for the situation today.’
    • ‘Was it all a dream, or a prophetic vision of warning?’
    • ‘Any writer can end up being prophetic, a predictor of the coming gloom.’
    • ‘How about the Norse practice of dancing until going into a trance to be able to gain prophetic insights?’
    • ‘If they're right they can pull their dusty prediction out of the archives and look prophetic.’
    • ‘The photo finish judge was to prove his words prophetic.’
    predictive, visionary
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  • 2Relating to or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy.

    ‘the prophetic books of the Old Testament’
    • ‘You have a keen psychic sensitivity, and you express your creativity in prophetic or intuitive ways; you are in tune spiritually.’
    • ‘The prophetic books, especially, look forward to a return to this sort of paradise after the day of Judgement.’
    • ‘Their work had an oracular or prophetic immediacy for a civilian population generally starved of real news about the war.’
    • ‘He clear vision, prophetic spirit and idiosyncratic musical style stand out in the Australian musical world.’
    • ‘Isaiah marks the beginning of the prophetic books of the Old Testament.’
    • ‘The Book of Revelation gives a prophetic description of the end of the world.’
    • ‘Central to the prophetic tradition is its critique of religious rituals, beliefs and those who enforce them.’
    • ‘But alongside his prophetic insights were many idiosyncratic and sometimes silly arguments.’
    • ‘The book's second half focuses on the ethics of prophetic and apocalyptic literature.’
    • ‘At the core of the prophetic text we find a word which seems contradictory, at least at first sight.’
    • ‘Dangerous times call for bold acts of empathy, prophetic visions of justice and mercy.’
    • ‘The second time around, she fulfilled her desire to anoint His head as well, this time not as an act of repentance, but as an act of love and prophetic insight.’
    • ‘He left Spain again, and in 1279 in Patras wrote his first prophetic book.’
    • ‘I have tried to show how the philosopher retains his prophetic character.’
    • ‘Ultimately, anagogically, linear time ceases to hold sway and the prophetic soul perceives past, present and future as one.’
    • ‘I could never keep straight the prophetic meanings found in the Books of Daniel and Revelation.’
    • ‘Can we interpret their prophetic vision in a Scottish context?’
    • ‘The majority occur in the prophetic genre where often these words have a symbolic meaning of blessing or judgment.’
    • ‘The prophetic discourse characterized the people as the agent of social change.’
    prescient, predictive, prophetical, far-seeing, prognostic, divinatory, oracular, sibylline, apocalyptic, fateful, revelatory, inspired
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Late 15th century: from French prophétique or late Latin propheticus, from Greek prophētikos ‘predicting’ (see prophet).