Definition of propagator in US English:



  • 1A covered, typically heated container filled with earth or compost, used for germinating or raising seedlings.

    • ‘I've cleared everything which hadn't germinated out of the first propagator and the new seeds have gone in there.’
    • ‘Once the seeds are sown, May waters the pot with a mister and puts it in a propagator with bottom heat.’
    • ‘Following the experiment, a sample survey of cuttings supplied from different propagators was carried out.’
    • ‘Take semi-ripe cuttings and leave to root in a heated propagator.’
    • ‘Even without a greenhouse, it is worth investing in a heated propagator that sits on the windowsill.’
    • ‘Label, water and stand in a frost-free propagator or cold frame, or in a heated propagator for faster rooting.’
    • ‘Of course, that's not always possible, particularly in the depths of winter when my sowing tends to be limited to sprouting seeds on the windowsill and maybe some tomato seeds in a heated propagator.’
    • ‘I have found them very useful for keeping paper seedling pots separate (which improves air flow and cuts down on the mould problem) but this is the first time I've tried turning a pair into little propagators.’
    • ‘Put the pots in a propagator or cover with polythene and keep on a cool windowsill out of direct sun.’
    • ‘The pots were carefully sprayed with pollutant solutions for 2 min and maintained in propagators in the growth cabinet as described above.’
    • ‘The advantage is that it's very easy as you don't have to worry about keeping the new plant alive while it forms roots and, of course, it needs no propagator - not even pots or compost.’
    • ‘I once lost a year's crop of tender seedlings inside propagators sitting on top of a paraffin heater inside a greenhouse which had been lined with extra insulation.’
    • ‘We do have a couple of heated propagators, but this method is much quicker and makes use of existing heat that would otherwise just dissipate.’
    • ‘Whole plants in soil were heat-shocked in enclosed plant propagators containing a reservoir of water to maintain humidity.’
    • ‘The seeds were in a row 40 mm from the base end of a sloping box held in racks contained in a plastic propagator.’
    • ‘They can also be put into a heated propagator, which will speed up the rooting.’
  • 2A person who spreads and promotes an idea, theory, etc.

    • ‘It is also our belief that, unappreciated by the vast majority of analysts, non-banks have developed into the leading propagators of the credit bubble.’
    • ‘Keill acted as a propagator of Newton's philosophy and argued against Whiston and others.’
    • ‘The first and most important of these schools was that of Confucius, who became the chief representative of the Ruists, the scholars and propagators of the wisdom and culture of the tradition.’
    • ‘Finally, there are admirers of Mises, faithful disciples and propagators of his teaching.’
    • ‘However, the chief propagator of the classical operetta was Jacques Offenbach, who began with one-act works before expanding into evening-long scores.’
    • ‘Such a caste system is precisely the condition that existed in England during the colonial period and from which propagators of official American ideology self-consciously attempt to distance themselves.’
    • ‘He has never stood out as a propagator of ideas, nor did he excel in the art of debate.’
    • ‘The propagators of war were finally made to pay for their acts.’