Definition of proof of purchase in US English:

proof of purchase


  • Confirmation in the form of a receipt or other document that one has paid for a particular item.

    ‘we had to have proof of purchase in order to qualify for service under the warranty’
    ‘you need a proof of purchase otherwise the retailer cannot verify that you purchased the product from their store’
    • ‘Remember to keep your proof of purchase - you will need it.’
    • ‘To claim the rebate, you'll need a receipt as proof of purchase.’
    • ‘"No one is moving until they can show us a proof of purchase for that land."’
    • ‘Shops are generally unaccommodating and some fast food chains demand proof of purchase and even a small donation in order to use their toilets.’
    • ‘A paper ticket provides solid proof of purchase and could help you get on another airline more easily.’
    • ‘When it was announced that the concert had been cancelled, she sent the tickets back as instructed, and kept the stubs as proof of purchase.’
    • ‘Keep receipts, cheque stubs, credit card statements or similar proof of purchase.’
    • ‘Creed returned briefly from Australia bringing the original 1840 deed as so-called proof of purchase.’
    • ‘They will accept returns, often without a receipt or other proof of purchase.’
    • ‘Terms and conditions: it is possible to see the two shows on two different nights simply by showing the proof of purchase at the main door.’