Definition of proneness in US English:



  • Liability to suffer from or experience something regrettable or unwelcome; susceptibility.

    ‘his proneness to injury will seriously mar a promising career’
    • ‘They claim to expose actual or potential criminal behavior as well as deceitfulness, lack of self-control, violence proneness, and sociopathic tendencies.’
    • ‘During the developmental period between childhood and adulthood, youths with problem-behavior proneness appear to have a predisposition to violate age norms as well as other types of norms.’
    • ‘Emotional vulnerability arises from childhood disturbances, boredom proneness, depression and/or anxiety due to biological and psychosocial deficiencies, and poor coping and problem-solving skills.’
    • ‘The items include glibness and superficial charm,, grandiose self-worth, pathological lying, proneness to boredom and emotional vacuity.’
    • ‘For instance, a study by McGee and Newcomb provided consistent findings for problem behavior proneness across four developmental stages from early adolescence to adulthood.’
    susceptibility, liability, tendency, inclination, disposition, predisposition, vulnerability, openness, propensity, proclivity
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