Definition of promptness in US English:



  • See prompt

    • ‘The promptness of the administration when it comes to demolishing our houses and arresting us is admirable.’
    • ‘My self-righteousness faded immediately, for the principal replied with astonishing promptness and courtesy.’
    • ‘While this site says little about the claimed nutritional benefits of wheatgrass and offers only a few recipes, the service is efficient and e-mail queries were answered with friendly promptness.’
    • ‘Because of the large and unrestricted increase in the volume of patients and the resultant budgetary constraints, the quality of care and the promptness of care can surely be affected.’
    • ‘As part of this contract, orders for NHS medicines are dispensed for patients on demand with reasonable promptness.’
    speed, swiftness, speediness, rapidity, promptitude, alacrity, dispatch, quickness, expeditiousness, expedition, immediacy, instantaneousness, readiness, willingness, eagerness
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