Definition of promoter in English:



  • 1A person or thing that promotes something, in particular.

    • ‘The organisers extend thanks to promoters and all supporters.’
    • ‘A sincere thank you is extended to all the promoters and supporters for their very efficient work over the last few months.’
    • ‘The fund raiser has been running now for over ten years and the committees extend thanks to all their supporters and promoters for their continued commitment.’
    1. 1.1 A person or company that finances or organizes a sporting event or theatrical production.
      ‘a boxing promoter’
      • ‘I want to see more responsibility from concert promoters and sponsors.’
      • ‘It could apply to hotel and motel owners, cruise ship operators, stadium owners, landlords, real estate managers, and event promoters.’
      • ‘Event organizers, music promoters and managers have the power to decide fees for each artist.’
      • ‘Some people were making a lot of money out of it, but usually it was the producers and publishers and promoters, and all they wanted was a quick buck.’
      • ‘Boxing promoter Don King appeared on our first list in 1995 and appears again this year.’
      • ‘At no stage did we tell the local promoters for this event that the capacity for it would be 19,000.’
      • ‘Regular washroom advertisers include radio stations, the Department of Health, event promoters, cinema companies and most alcohol brands.’
      • ‘He tells a story of a well-known promoter who produced a concert that DiFranco did with Bob Dylan.’
      • ‘It's also pretty ironic that the promoters of these events don't list the tobacco companies in their sponsors list like they do everyone else.’
      • ‘Boxing promoter Don King has a lot to be thankful for.’
      • ‘Concert promoter Ian Martin once seemed to be at the top of his game.’
      • ‘He was also an events promoter, notably organizing the Star Wars convention held in Montreal in '99.’
      • ‘Other bands are also based there, along with producers, managers and promoters.’
      • ‘The runners up will also benefit, as just reaching the final brings them to the attention of agents, concert promoters and recording companies.’
      • ‘The only thing that could stand in the way of this revolution is if the current music publishers start buying concert promoters, and lock down this new business model before it can even start.’
      • ‘He previously failed as a boxing promoter and as owner of a bodybuilding competition.’
      • ‘The magazine is produced and edited by Neil Simpson, a concert promoter based in Blackpool.’
      • ‘Keeping the performer at ease is usually entrusted to the agent and concert promoter.’
      • ‘Event promoters called the profiteering ‘particularly upsetting’ as official proceeds are going to cancer and children's charities.’
      • ‘Concert promoter Roger Nowell said he had phone calls from many people he had not seen for years, asking for tickets.’
    2. 1.2 A person involved in setting up and funding a new company.
      • ‘High charges from promoters can produce major financial risks for inventors, so much so that many never get to the stage of starting up their own business despite the potential of their product.’
      • ‘One explanation for this apparent contradiction is that Hanoverian company promoters either had bad lawyers, did not listen to their lawyers, or hoped they would not find themselves in court very often.’
      • ‘Problems arose when it emerged that one of the promoters and a substantial shareholder in the company had been debarred from acting as a director in Britain.’
      • ‘Before you hand over any money or sign an agreement, ask the promoter about the stages involved, such as research, marketing and licensing, and any associated costs.’
      • ‘The prominent accountant, company promoter, and Member of Parliament supported the change.’
    3. 1.3 A supporter of a cause or aim.
      ‘Mitterrand was a fierce promoter of European integration’
      • ‘Joel was chosen in recognition of his work as an author, educator, curator, and promoter of mineral collecting.’
      • ‘Scholarly opinions cover a wide spectrum about this, ranging from the view that Luther was a promotor of equal rights for women to the view that he was a protagonist in the oppression of women.’
      • ‘A tireless promoter of the region, his efforts currently focus on two goals.’
      • ‘This meant freedom and a new life for millions of people who had been enslaved by the promoters of this ideology for decades.’
      • ‘Since 2001, they have been among the most prominent promoters of the conservative agenda of the Bush administration.’
      • ‘The promoter of ‘democracy’ elsewhere blocks his ears.’
      • ‘Supporters of making dividends tax-free like to paint critics as promoters of class warfare.’
      • ‘To establish that divine creation deserved such support, its promoters had to convince the court that a non-Christian would find the case as convincing as the secular alternatives.’
      • ‘He was a keen promoter and supporter of the Gaelic language and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Western Isles to improve his command of the language.’
      • ‘Second, even the most vehement promoter of open-source coding has to admit that Microsoft's patents have had negligible impact on its market position.’
      • ‘I cannot see how the promoters of the European Constitution can still support it with a straight face.’
      • ‘He was a great promoter and advocate of marches and set dances.’
      • ‘The Rocky Mountain Institute, a leading promoter of alternative energy technology in Snowmass, Colorado, has embraced this strategy.’
      advocate, champion, supporter, backer, upholder, proponent, exponent, protagonist, campaigner
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    4. 1.4Chemistry An additive that increases the activity of a catalyst.
      • ‘Double transgenic hermaphrodites were subjected to heat shock to activate the heat-shock promoter and thereby express the transposase enzyme.’
      • ‘Low activity for both promoters was also observed in the early stages of seed germination and in young seedlings.’
      • ‘With the full promoter, GUS activity was predominantly in the gland cell, with less in the stalk cell adjacent to the gland, and in lower stalk cells.’
      • ‘High carbon dioxide concentration alone does not induce the promoter in the presence of oxygen and light.’
      • ‘However, in tobacco the same promoter directed GUS activity uniformly to the whole embryo.’
    5. 1.5Biology A region of a DNA molecule that forms the site at which transcription of a gene starts.
      • ‘In addition, hybrid constructs with stringent promoters fused to the early transcribed region of unregulated genes were analysed.’
      • ‘Both genes are driven by the ubiquitin promoter (plus intron).’
      • ‘We established transgenes, allowing conditional expression of the mutant kinase under control of the heat-shock promoter.’
      • ‘A second regulatory protein has been shown to interact specifically with the upstream regions of rRNA P1 promoters.’
      • ‘The pattern of reporter gene expression exactly matches that of the trapped gene since its transcription starts from the promoter of this gene.’


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French promotour, from medieval Latin promotor (see promote).