Definition of promisee in US English:



  • A person to whom a promise is made.

    • ‘It is clear, however, that the promisor's interests are protected by his having a claim against the promisee whereas the third party has no such security under the existing rule of privity.’
    • ‘Consideration may also be said to be illusory where it is clear that the promisee would have accomplished the act of forbearance anyway, even if the promise had not been made.’
    • ‘The promisee tried to justify the non-competition covenant on the grounds that it protected trade secrets.’
    • ‘The message of this judgment is that when promises of payment on pleas for forbearance are made, the commercial creditor is well advised to ask to have an agreement in writing signed by the promisee.’
    • ‘A State promisee cannot respond to a violation by retaliation or the threat of retaliation; such retaliation would itself violate human rights.’