Definition of proleptically in US English:



  • See prolepsis

    • ‘In seeking to depict a ‘subversive’ antiauthoritarian Woolf, these scholars have tended to identify her proleptically with a certain strain of nihilistic postmodernism.’
    • ‘A claim arises when one is in the right, proleptically or after some legal fact.’
    • ‘Yet, to embody judgment proleptically in images is an important element of our Christian witness, a challenge to present sin, and an insistence that justice and maturity are both possible and promised.’
    • ‘The proleptically elegiac texts of 1938-39 were more than simply expressions of private anxiety: their preoccupations and conclusions anticipated a significant strain of progressive political discourse during the war years.’
    • ‘The church is that community which paradoxically celebrates the freedom of the gift and lives with seriousness the call, leaving the world and entering provisionally and proleptically into a different order of being.’