Definition of proleptic in US English:



  • See prolepsis

    • ‘In far less obvious ways in the invocations the muses also function as proleptic mourners, shadows of disabling maternal grief against which the Miltonic speaker positions himself.’
    • ‘In formulation, the utterance is predictive or proleptic (he will imminently pour himself a drink, check the contents of the bottle).’
    • ‘Premediation, on the other hand, may be understood as proleptic, anticipatory mediation.’
    • ‘The anti-Arcadian proleptic elegies of the late 1930s, in other words, and the critique of consolatory language they offer, can be said to have opened up a path toward the welfare state.’
    • ‘Anticipation is intuitively, ironically proleptic in that it both foresees things in their absence and, in the very act of apprehension, presents them unwittingly into being.’