Definition of projection television in US English:

projection television

(also projection TV)


  • A large television receiver in which the image is projected optically on to a large viewing screen.

    • ‘The cycling room design is circular with fans and projection televisions on the wall so members can cycle while images are projected on the wall.’
    • ‘Green eyes were soon locked on the hologram projection television of his living room as Kato focused completely on the news report.’
    • ‘The primary engineering activity at Philips Knoxville is projection televisions and hotel/motel televisions.’
    • ‘The trendy air-conditioned showroom has specially created rooms to showcase high-end products like home theatres, projection televisions and LCDs.’
    • ‘Intel also has introduced a semiconductor designed for projection televisions and displays that are greater than 35 inches across.’
    • ‘More than 80 percent of the materials used in projection televisions come from domestic sources, and the company has more than 1,500 local suppliers in southwestern Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Of course, if you actually do want to watch the Super Bowl, you can do that on the multiple televisions and the 8-foot projection television in the bar's adjoining restaurant.’
    • ‘The Epson Livingstation HDTV LCD projection televisions enable users to view, print and store digital photos through the use of a universal remote control.’
    • ‘Best known for its printers, Epson introduced a pair of LCD projection televisions with built-in memory card slots, printer and a CD-rewritable drive so users can archive their photos to a CD by simply working the remote control.’
    • ‘Those markets could include optical engines for projection televisions, such as liquid-crystal-on-silicon panels.’