Definition of profit center in US English:

profit center


  • A part of an organization with assignable revenues and costs and hence ascertainable profitability.

    • ‘One of the reasons I'm so optimistic about the music business going forward is that the actual promotional cost center becomes a profit center in and of itself.’
    • ‘At first, the policies were a big profit center for the industry.’
    • ‘After all, customer service is a cost, not a profit center, and if you can cut those costs, you win.’
    • ‘With their expanding power, many retailers were treating traditional co-op as a profit centre, diverting funds to offset operating costs.’
    • ‘The Smith & Wesson product line has always been a profit center for retail gun dealers.’
    • ‘Donovan, however, now runs the biggest profit centre in the bank and is said to be making a big mark in his job as head of wholesale banking.’
    • ‘A good employee can become a new profit center - driving sales, helping others succeed, giving your business a better reputation, and making the office a better place to be.’
    • ‘Even today, the agency actually looks like a profit center in the federal budget.’
    • ‘The promotion has become the only profit center for the major carriers today.’
    • ‘This concerns investors because the programs are becoming a huge profit center for retailers.’
    • ‘For the Chicago bank, the mortgage program is a big profit center.’
    • ‘The headquarters is a holding company in that it serves as a profit centre, and does not otherwise direct activities at the periphery.’
    • ‘He's probably already got a better ‘in’ with the CEO, as he's a profit center, not a cost center.’
    • ‘Can you foresee that the U.S. will become a major profit center?’
    • ‘As a vice president, I oversaw multiple businesses in beauty care and led our largest profit center in North America to the best results we'd had in a decade.’
    • ‘The Internet allows you to outsource those to a company, industry or entity that has actually converted that to a profit center.’
    • ‘As a result, he says, pension plans are now effectively a profit center.’
    • ‘The problem with relying upon just one profit center is that a single profit center can go up, or it can go down.’
    • ‘Salaries were set low, but now each manager could earn a bonus pegged to the earnings of his profit center.’
    • ‘Subprime can be a huge profit center, with spreads of 12 percentage points or higher.’


profit center

/ˈpräfət ˈsen(t)ər/