Definition of profit-taking in US English:


(also profit taking)


  • The sale of securities that have risen in price.

    • ‘The transport sector was down 2.97 percent after profit-taking among shipping stocks triggered by reports that bulk shipping rates are likely to weaken due to oversupply next year.’
    • ‘In addition, profit-taking continued to affect prices following previous gains, and technical factors were seen casting a shadow over the next trend.’
    • ‘‘A mix of profit-taking, seasonal timing and the proposed legislation to combat stamp duty saving schemes coming into force on July 23 is likely to have contributed to more deals,’ the report states.’
    • ‘Analysts said stop-loss selling that had aggravated the recent sell-off in blue-chip stocks was continuing, while profit-taking put a brake on recent gainers such as Sharp Corp.’
    • ‘With the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq both enjoying healthy gains, even the troubled internet sector saw some profit-taking as technology stocks rose throughout Friday.’



/ˈprɑfət ˌteɪkɪŋ//ˈpräfət ˌtākiNG/