Definition of professionally in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to a profession or career.

    ‘professionally trained musicians’
    ‘professionally successful but emotionally unfulfilled adults’
    • ‘The costumes are also made professionally and so fit well.’
    • ‘A professionally trained police force serves the island.’
    • ‘The last year has been one of the most professionally fruitful and most exhausting of my life.’
    • ‘She is a professionally trained teacher.’
    • ‘By being a well-educated and professionally trained workforce, they will eventually attract industry to our area.’
    • ‘An artist with a professionally designed and published art book is perceived to have attained a certain level of accomplishment or success.’
    • ‘The songs are studio recordings, so they are professionally produced.’
    • ‘We'd really love to have these portraits professionally framed.’
    • ‘My mom loves pointing out to folks that I'm professionally successful, well adjusted and independent.’
    • ‘Many employees described their training as valuable both professionally and personally.’
    1. 1.1 In a manner worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; skillfully.
      ‘the officer acted professionally with great bravery’
      ‘the situation was handled professionally’
      • ‘We expect our staff and our external partners to act professionally and with dedication.’
      • ‘He is a thorough professional and approaches his work professionally.’
      • ‘Taking customers' orders and serving food or beverages should be done professionally and with enthusiasm.’
      • ‘First impressions of this competition were how professionally and faultlessly it was organised.’
      • ‘I'm acting professionally in terms of my responsibilities to the president and the constitution.’
      • ‘She remained cool, acting professionally.’
      • ‘I think the court has been run very professionally.’
      • ‘The situation was handled professionally.’
      • ‘I arrived last night, resume in hand and dressed professionally for my interview.’
      • ‘The modules have been delivered very professionally with over 40 managers taking part.’
  • 2As a person's paid occupation rather than on an amateur basis.

    ‘she has sung professionally with opera companies around the world’
    ‘they had their hair and make-up done professionally’
    • ‘He later played professionally in the national football league.’
    • ‘Painting professionally for more than 25 years, his art career has allowed him to travel throughout the world.’
    • ‘I never thought I would perform professionally.’
    • ‘They had their hair and make-up done professionally.’
    • ‘I started in Chicago, doing theatre professionally, when I got out of acting school.’
    • ‘He has been singing professionally for nearly 60 years.’
    • ‘She has been designing professionally since the 1970s.’
    • ‘He had been competing professionally in motorcycle races for a year.’
    • ‘Finally, students who are destined to pursue piano professionally will benefit from public performance.’
    • ‘She had never acted professionally before this film.’