Definition of professed in English:



  • 1(of a quality, feeling, or belief) claimed or asserted openly but often falsely.

    ‘for all her professed populism, she was seen as remote from ordinary people’
    • ‘Bottoms's own professed interest in Jung also invites that particular psychological approach.’
    • ‘His professed love for things other than club-friendly material might be an indication of where Page's head is at, why it's not yet lost in the clouds of high-paying gigs and international renown.’
    • ‘In spite of their professed desire to modernize, many Qing officials believed that the basic principles of Chinese statecraft were based on Confucian prescriptions.’
    • ‘The way this has been announced contrasts sharply with their professed belief in partnership.’
    • ‘Fortunately, there seems to be little evidence that Prendergast's team of translators shares his professed desire to rough Proust up a bit.’
    • ‘As discussed below, there are relatively few votes at issue here; it is fair to infer that, notwithstanding their professed confidence, the Democrats are expecting a very tight Senate race.’
    • ‘It's harder yet to grasp its significance: the rant against the Roman Antichrist, the intolerance to all outside God's true church, the professed loyalty to the King's Majesty are now alien.’
    • ‘They could call me to account when my actions didn't match my professed beliefs.’
    • ‘By which they both meant that any professed happiness must swiftly pass, strained through gritted teeth.’
    • ‘Could we not argue instead that his professed beliefs merely reflect the needs of the hour?’
    supposed, ostensible, alleged, claimed, so-called, soi-disant, self-styled, apparent, pretended, purported, would-be
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  • 2(of a person) self-acknowledged or openly declared to be.

    ‘a professed and conforming Anglican’
    • ‘I'm a devout monarchist, a professed atheist, and I'm working on my fourth novel.’
    • ‘That sort of unintended leverage greatly sweetened the deal on behalf of the professed owners, a lot more than the intruders cared to admit to each other.’
    • ‘After seeing him close his mouth, I abruptly turned away and resumed staring at the idiotic carvings of professed lovers, etched into my desk.’
    • ‘This revival began with a deep conviction of sin on the part of the professed people of God, the members of the Jewish church.’
    • ‘How many professed atheists are there in Congress?’
    • ‘A professed lesbian and the only daughter to have left home, she is now a successful university professor who has no intentions of leaving her life in Minneapolis.’
    • ‘He was, for a time, the ‘boy lover’ of the notorious Victoria Woodhull, herself a professed rebel.’
    • ‘By contrast, professed believers claim that only bodily processes cease at death - some kind of spiritual/mental existence continues.’
    • ‘The Malaysian-born Sebastian is a Pentecostal Christian teacher from Adelaide, and professed virgin.’
    • ‘Diplomacy is often compared to poker, even when conducted between professed friends.’
    declared, self-acknowledged, self-confessed, confessed, sworn, avowed, confirmed, certified
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    1. 2.1 (of a monk or nun) having taken the vows of a religious order.
      • ‘In 1515 an attempt by several individuals to circumvent the inheritance of the daughters of Francisco de Cueto and Juana de Ochoa, professed nuns at Santa Catalina, was uncovered.’
      • ‘As demonstrated earlier, professed nuns were able to use their renuncias to assign property to relatives and causes of their own choosing, thereby further partitioning a family's property.’
      • ‘This article examines the contentious and frequently litigious relationship between convents and the families of professed nuns in early-modern Spain.’
      • ‘Male monasteries did not require dowries of their professed members and represented less of a threat to the family patrimony.’
      • ‘Sr Piggott, who celebrated her 50th anniversary as a professed sister last October, said she was overjoyed to learn that Nano had topped the poll.’
      • ‘For many nuns their status as a professed religious did not necessarily obviate access to various parts of familial patrimony.’
      • ‘Sometimes inheritance disputes began with professed nuns claiming a portion of a brother's estate.’
      • ‘The newly professed brother is one of a family of 11.’
      • ‘Thérèse also made a vow, informally as a young child, and formally on two occasions as a professed Carmelite nun, to refuse nothing to Jesus.’
      • ‘It was not only dowries, alimentos, and other financial sums required by the convent that allowed professed daughters to remain connected to their families' property.’
    2. 2.2archaic Claiming to be qualified as a particular specialist; professional.