Definition of productivity in US English:



  • 1The state or quality of producing something, especially crops.

    ‘the long-term productivity of land’
    ‘agricultural productivity’
    • ‘I saw [Fed chairman Alan] Greenspan in Washington and he made it clear that the concern is productivity.’
    • ‘The California Youth Authority needs to be destroyed before any productivity can occur.’
    • ‘World Cup fever has cost Greater Manchester companies more than £72 million in lost productivity.’
    • ‘The Japanese adopted it as a way to revive their war-torn economy and considered quality and productivity as one and the same.’
    • ‘Several studies have focused on the particular role of N reserves in alfalfa productivity, quality and persistency.’
    • ‘That teacher deserves a pay rise, based on extra-curricular productivity.’
    • ‘Forty five per cent felt silence is golden aiding concentration, creatively and ultimately productivity.’
    • ‘Mendez said the port had undertaken several initiatives to improve productivity, which have borne fruit.’
    • ‘For this fee, the converted say miracles have happened in quality, productivity and staff morale.’
    • ‘High productivity is still required, with the addition that quality criteria for crops are now demanded.’
    • ‘Opportunities for increasing productivity of land in Pembrokeshire was an issue farmers must explore, he insisted.’
    • ‘I don't know if I'll be able to regain my previous level of blogging productivity.’
    • ‘If they are sensible, they will now channel their disappointment into productivity and the pursuit of progress.’
    • ‘The key to increasing agricultural productivity may lie in educating women.’
    • ‘Agricultural productivity in the region continues to increase, with a record wheat harvest last summer.’
    • ‘There is need for intensifying our efforts to improve agricultural productivity, quality and income.’
    • ‘For example, rising population pressure and falling agricultural productivity may lead to land disputes.’
    • ‘Just think of the loss of productivity and the reduced quality of life.’
    • ‘In truth, Labour saw education mechanistically - either as an engine of productivity or an engine of social justice.’
    • ‘Hence, crop productivity and quality is directly related to the plants response to nitrogen supply.’
    1. 1.1 The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.
      ‘workers have boosted productivity by 30 percent’
      • ‘This erodes the reliability of the published real output and productivity measures.’
      • ‘The report measured productivity as annual output per person employed and average output per hour worked.’
      • ‘In other sectors, productivity is measured as output divided by hours worked.’
      • ‘Although our labour productivity rates are still low, they have picked up in the last few years.’
      • ‘While there has been growth in overall employment rates in Europe, productivity lags behind that of the US.’
      • ‘For profits, productivity growth at that rate will help to hold labor costs in check.’
      • ‘However, for given output prices, labour productivity gains will be realized in terms of real quality improvements.’
      • ‘Comparisons with productivity growth rates in other sectors of the economy are fraught with difficulties.’
      • ‘If economic growth is a misleading term, productivity growth is even more so.’
      • ‘You also have to continually reduce costs, compress cycle time, improve quality and productivity.’
      • ‘There, he was responsible for a drive that led to substantial improvements in quality, sales and productivity.’
      • ‘Recently it has done extremely well, I think because of the high productivity gains that we have been able to achieve.’
      • ‘The trend of increasing marginal productivity from scarce inputs has continued.’
      • ‘The new technology has boosted productivity and requires fewer workers in the rail yard, he said.’
      • ‘Pay and productivity are measured in terms of the time it takes to complete a given task.’
      • ‘The productivity boost should hold down unit labor costs, which means fatter margins.’
      • ‘Many organisations limit their productivity improvement efforts to the acquisition of skills only.’
      • ‘It is time to increase productivity by improving the quality of work.’
      • ‘Salary growth in the state sector should be linked to higher labour productivity in the real economy, Velchev said.’
      • ‘Poole isn't the only Fed official who sees a link between productivity and interest rates.’
      efficiency, production, productiveness, work rate, output, yield, capacity, productive capacity
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    2. 1.2Ecology The rate of production of new biomass by an individual, population, or community; the fertility or capacity of a given habitat or area.
      ‘nutrient-rich waters with high productivity’
      • ‘Nitrogen supply affects plant growth and productivity by altering both leaf area and photosynthetic capacity.’
      • ‘If so, then the phenomenon must have major ecological importance for lichen productivity.’
      • ‘No doubt many other species have benefited from the bur oak's productivity and protection.’
      • ‘They show higher photosynthetic rates, biomass productivity and water and nitrogen use efficiencies.’
      • ‘In other words, there is an optimum leaf quantity, for a given light intensity, for productivity in the plant community.’
      fruitfulness, fertility, productiveness, fecundity, richness
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