Definition of productively in US English:



  • In a way that produces or increases something, especially wealth or resources; profitably.

    ‘research on growing tomatoes as productively and efficiently as possible’
    ‘he continued to work productively until a few weeks before his death’
    • ‘A steep learning curve has to be mastered before the software can be used productively.’
    • ‘How do I productively incorporate new technology and position my business for success?"’
    • ‘They often have concerns about their abilities to work productively in what they anticipate to be a noisier, more distracting workplace.’
    • ‘He worked productively but not with great financial success in his last years.’
    • ‘We are still trying to find better ways to farm organically and to manage our soils and rotate our crops more productively.’
    • ‘They work together productively.’
    • ‘Ability to borrow does not depend on the level of income, but on responsible conduct and the ability to use funds productively.’
    • ‘Smaller individual workstations, coupled with more common work areas may use space more productively.’
    • ‘It is possible that the money could be more productively spent elsewhere.’
    • ‘Most of Saturday was spent very productively doing handyman tasks.’