Definition of production costs in US English:

production costs

plural noun

  • Business costs involved in the production of goods.

    ‘prices will increase to reflect the increased production costs’
    ‘new technologies may drive production costs down’
    • ‘On the Waterfront opened to excellent critical reviews and positive public reaction, and went on to gross ten times its production costs in its initial release.’
    • ‘Next year's production costs are expected to be even lower than last year's.’
    • ‘Few publications attract enough advertising to cover their production costs.’
    • ‘It grossed only $9 million, compared to production costs of $18 million.’
    • ‘Production costs will need to fall to one-tenth of today's average.’
    • ‘The proceeds from the sales are mainly for the recovery of the production costs.’
    • ‘The onus would be on firms, workers, and trade unions to reduce production costs.’
    • ‘The expense involved would surely have been minimal, compared to the book's overall production costs.’
    • ‘If all the studios were to take the brave decision to cut inflated star salaries they could potentially shave off tens of millions of dollars off production costs.’
    • ‘By cutting development and production costs, Ford had increased the likelihood of the car's profitability.’
    • ‘The reason why the programme came to an end was that we could not afford the high production costs.’