Definition of prodigiously in US English:



  • See prodigious

    • ‘How Roberts, a prodigiously gifted schoolboy, ended up pursuing a life of crime is a book in itself.’
    • ‘Apart from squandering the resources of a prodigiously gifted cast, the film's greatest shortcoming must be its inability to generate the merest scintilla of dramatic tension around its central narrative thread.’
    • ‘It was of course a tongue in cheek remark; Sir Frank was a prodigiously hard worker, who took immense pleasure in what he did.’
    • ‘Madame de Stael wrote prodigiously throughout the years of political turmoil, and none of her works, even those she tried to rid of overt political content, endeared her to the authorities of the moment.’
    • ‘What is even more remarkable to physicists is the fact that this prodigiously powerful computing device has developed through biological evolution, with all of its apparent uncertainties and redundancies.’