Definition of procurator general in US English:

procurator general


  • 1A chief legal representative or agent; specifically (a) the chief prosecuting attorney of a court; compare "procureur general"; (b) (especially in Russian or Soviet contexts) the chief legal officer of the state.

  • 2British. More fully "Her (also His) Majesty's Procurator General": = "Queen's (also King's) Proctor".

  • 3Roman Catholic Church.(a) The official representative of a religious order at the Vatican; (b) the head of a Jesuit mission (now historical).


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Hall's Vnion: Henry VIII. From procurator + general.


procurator general

/ˌprɒkjʊreɪtə ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəl/