Definition of procumbent in US English:



  • 1(of a plant or stem) growing along the ground without setting forth roots.

    • ‘Finally, this work represents part of a long-term research effort in which mechanical architectures are being investigated in terms of the evolution of architectures of trees, shrubs, lianas and procumbent growth forms.’
    • ‘One example is procumbent rosemary, used extensively as a ground cover and sheared several times a year.’
    • ‘Species of Cylindropuntia and Opuntia cactus have a wide range of morphologies from tall, tree-like forms to procumbent forms.’
    • ‘Charnia evidently had a procumbent mode of life on a soft muddy substrate.’
    lying, flat, horizontal, stretched out, sprawled, spreadeagled, reclining, resting, lounging, prone, prostrate, supine
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    1. 1.1archaic (of a person) lying face down; prone; prostrate.


Mid 17th century: from Latin procumbent- ‘falling forwards’, from the verb procumbere, from pro- ‘forwards, down’ + a verb related to cubare ‘to lie’.