Definition of proctology in English:



  • The branch of medicine concerned with the anus and rectum.

    • ‘‘As long as I don't end up in proctology,’ he laughs.’
    • ‘Colin was skilled over a wide field, though his particular interest was proctology, and it was with this that most of his published work was concerned.’
    • ‘Fallon is a bit more socially outgoing and quick on his feet, and his ‘hobby’ is something that Barrymore is accepting of and tries to work around, even when it's more obtrusive than the average proctology exam.’
    • ‘He took up surgery after war service and trained in Birmingham, Worcester, and London, particularly St Mark's, where he developed an interest in proctology.’
    • ‘NBC'S bubbly proctology preacher, who chugged a laxative cocktail before the eyes of millions, is promoting early detection of colon cancer.’


Late 19th century: from Greek prōktos ‘anus’ + -logy.