Definition of proband in English:


Pronunciation /prōˈband//ˈprōˌband/


  • A person serving as the starting point for the genetic study of a family (used especially in medicine and psychiatry)

    • ‘Our study was a family-based study and included probands with asthma from two populations, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans.’
    • ‘Furthermore, all these approaches are unable to handle trios with missing genotypic information on the proband and these families are typically excluded from the analysis.’
    • ‘Most data sets utilized in the study of hereditary diseases are constructed around probands, making correction for ascertainment bias necessary; this set of data is no exception.’
    • ‘A genetic basis to the disorder is borne out by risk increasing with genetic proximity to the proband.’
    • ‘Only offspring of both parents were included in the analysis, but birth order was defined by using all the mother's offspring, including both full and half siblings of the study proband.’


1920s: from Latin probandus to be proved gerundive of probare to test.