Definition of pro-lifer in US English:



  • See pro-life

    • ‘While the pro-choice movement has strongly opposed the Bush administration, pro-lifers are somewhat divided over the degree of support they are likely to receive from the president.’
    • ‘He alarmed pro-choice activists by stating that the Democratic Party needed to be more ‘inclusive’ of pro-lifers.’
    • ‘Soon after, my friend received a call from someone he knew at one of the choice groups, expressing their displeasure because the attorney general had appointed a good lawyer to represent the pro-lifers.’
    • ‘One of the perennial issues among pro-lifers is whether one is justified in promoting some legal restrictions on abortion that are short of the types of laws that pro-lifers would like to see.’
    • ‘The big question is whether Bush, a pro-lifer himself, is secure enough with social conservatives to take this risk.’