Definition of pro-abortion in US English:



  • In favor of the availability of medically induced abortion as a means of ending a pregnancy.

    • ‘Enoch countered by pointing to her efforts to prevent the ABA from adopting a pro-abortion stance without consulting the membership.’
    • ‘All, apparently are defensible acts in the eyes of the pro-abortion community.’
    • ‘Among the most recent foibles, the editor allowed a pro-abortion candidate to place her ad in the diocesan paper.’
    • ‘The utter debasement of the proabortion crowd has to be exposed to daylight.’
    • ‘Anyway, they were very sympathetic - the pro-abortion motion was passed unanimously.’
    • ‘One voice only is given legitimate status, the pro-abortion stance of feminist doctrine.’
    • ‘According to pro-abortion ideology, conception is a human deed.’
    • ‘On the pro-abortion side there is a growing recognition of the incoherence of its stance.’
    • ‘By now I am sure you must be thinking that I am pro-abortion.’
    • ‘However, I hope he realizes that his election was not a mandate to rush ahead with a pro-abortion platform.’
    • ‘The occasion for clarifying all this was a fellowship program in which some students elected to work for pro-abortion organizations.’
    • ‘A manifest lack of proper disposition for Holy Communion is found to be present in those who consistently support pro-abortion legislation.’
    • ‘He has bucked the part of the Republican Party who are pro-abortion look-alike Democrats.’
    • ‘I will not support a pro-choice, pro-abortion candidate.’
    • ‘Priests have been told to deny communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians by a senior Vatican cardinal.’
    • ‘The concern has come from a mistaken notion that being pro choice is equal to being pro abortion.’
    • ‘Perhaps the pro-abortion camp has learned something from the partial birth issue.’
    • ‘Yet, there was no doubt the target was Giuliani, the pro-abortion rights, pro-gay rights former New York City mayor.’
    • ‘She even argues that there should be no obligation to refer patients to a pro-abortion doctor.’
    • ‘President-elect Barack Obama promises to be the most virulently pro-abortion president in history.’