Definition of prize money in US English:

prize money


  • Money offered or received as a prize.

    • ‘For the rest, travel allowances and excellent prize money would be incentive enough.’
    • ‘However, the interest is not shared equally between investors, but paid out in prize money.’
    • ‘All contestants who last the entire night without leaving the house will receive prize money.’
    • ‘No sponsor has offered prize money on tourist matches for several years so it is no wonder most sides only bother to put out their second team.’
    • ‘A delighted Mrs Seers said she did not yet know what she was going to do with her prize money.’
    • ‘The race committee are planning the programme with good prize money on offer.’
    • ‘As long as the player can stay in the area of the shockwave, he or she earns bonus prize money.’
    • ‘She decides to set up a match between Bobby Jones and Walter Hagan for $10,000 prize money.’
    • ‘The estimated £3m prize money from the show would be used to revamp the pool's Turkish baths.’
    • ‘He also criticised the late payment of sponsorship contract money and tournament prize money to players.’
    • ‘Because of the jackpot and the big prize money on offer, the Golden League attracts the best athletes in the world.’
    • ‘She won £100 prize money and was presented with a shield with her name on it.’
    • ‘If a horse wins both races then the total prize money will be topped up to £1.3m.’
    • ‘I've accumulated a lot of prize money on the US Tour this season, but I haven't won for four years.’
    • ‘Basically, the better your horse and the better it runs, the more chance you have of winning bigger prize money.’
    • ‘The prize money must be invested in a project of social or environmental benefit to the community.’
    • ‘The club also needs income to be able to provide the sort of prize money required.’
    • ‘Then at the end of March is the big one, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, with prize money of a million dollars.’
    • ‘He now sets off this week with high hopes of earning enough prize money to guarantee his European Tour card.’
    • ‘Players can go online and compete with players all over the country for real prize money.’