Definition of private sector in US English:

private sector


  • The part of the national economy that is not under direct government control.

    • ‘And all these projects demand massive injections of capital, which are supplied by the public and private sectors.’
    • ‘The proposed modernisation will be part of the Local Improvement Finance Trust project, a partnership between public and private sectors.’
    • ‘Graduate students of the school were employed both in the public and private sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘Maybe here is where we can get the benefit of private sector practice and public sector service at the same time.’
    • ‘It could be in the public sector or the private sector, in this country or abroad.’
    • ‘The private sector only beats the public sector for pay at the top and bottom of the pay scale.’
    • ‘But he made it clear that he did not believe the private sector was the only solution.’
    • ‘Growth in public sector pay continued to beat the rises in the private sector.’
    • ‘The private sector may stump up the money and he may in time see a stadium built at Abbotstown.’
    • ‘We have set up a working group between the two private sectors and both governments.’
    • ‘The government is also considering whether to make them compulsory in the private sector.’
    • ‘Some see it as an ominous sign of things to come in the relationship between the public and private sectors in economic policy.’
    • ‘The second issue relates to the role of the private sector in supplying publicly funded services.’
    • ‘I have no doubt individuals who deliver the services in the public, voluntary and private sectors are all as equally dedicated to those they care for.’
    • ‘This is because they are so widespread and deeply ingrained in both the public and private sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘A reduction of the money stock will stimulate the private sector to rebalance its portfolio.’
    • ‘The assault on pensions and health care is being waged throughout the public and private sectors.’
    • ‘This is a painful time for investors, the financial services industry and the private sector.’
    • ‘State pension schemes have become caught up by the wider agenda for narrowing public spending and shifting the balance between the public and the private sectors.’
    • ‘So if you are working in the private sector, prepare for heavier tax and harder work.’
    private, public, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, non-public, private-sector, private-enterprise, fee-paying, commercial
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private sector

/ˈpraɪvɪt ˈsɛktər/