Definition of private first class in English:

private first class


  • An enlisted person in the armed forces, in particular (in the US Army) an enlisted person ranking above private and below corporal or (in the US Marine Corps) an enlisted person ranking above private and below lance corporal.

    • ‘The medical-surgical nurse was responsible for the training of four trauma specialists, two of whom were sergeants, one a specialist, and one a private first class.’
    • ‘They'll revisit the battle sites where the then 26-year-old private first class displayed his gallantry.’
    • ‘According to an example Vales gave, a private first class with less than two years in service would be in the A Zone and would receive $6,784.50 for a three-year re-enlistment.’
    • ‘After neutralizing 5 mice his Army buddies promoted him to private first class.’
    • ‘Soldiers should work on preparing for promotion two grades up; for example, a private first class should be preparing for the sergeant board.’
    • ‘Barbisch entered the Army as a private first class in 1967.’
    • ‘Justin's brother, Joshua, is a private first class in the 7th Special Forces based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.’
    • ‘Specialists and privates first class, lead by newly promoted sergeants, perform most dismounted patrols and observation posts.’
    • ‘Gallagher, a private first class in the 1st Engineer Special Brigade, was already ashore.’
    • ‘We did, however, have command sergeants major through privates first class apply as well.’
    • ‘In July, he was fined $1,640 and demoted to private first class for posting on his blog what the military said was classified material.’
    • ‘Then, on the pier near the stern of the USNS Bob Hope, the 50-year-old Petraeus gets into a bantering exchange with a 19-year-old private first class.’
    • ‘I was a private first class, and I was in a mortar platoon.’
    • ‘Of all the conversations I had over those weeks, the one I recall the most was with an infantryman, a private first class.’
    • ‘He was promoted in absentia on May 1 from private first class to the rank of specialist.’
    • ‘By the time LLVI soldiers begin their first field assignments in a unit, they are often senior privates first class or specialists.’
    • ‘Attendees included privates first class by April 1959; nearly 80 percent were tech service specialists in 1966.’
    • ‘With his eyes grimly locked to mine, he informed me that I would be promoted to private first class that evening.’
    • ‘The Americans - three corporals and one private first class - were from the 4th Ranger Company and had volunteered for a classified mission.’
    • ‘She was discharged as a private first class in August.’


private first class

/ˈˌpraɪvɪt ˌfərst ˈklæs//ˈˌprīvit ˌfərst ˈklas/