Definition of printhead in US English:


(also print head)


  • A component in a printer that assembles and holds the characters and from which the images of the characters are transferred to the printing medium.

    • ‘The printhead assembly includes an elongate manifold that defines a plurality of ink passages and is dimensioned to span a print area.’
    • ‘Since each inkjet cartridge would have its own printhead, replacement cartridges would be more expensive for these printers.’
    • ‘One sensor is incorporated in the printhead itself, while others may be located externally.’
    • ‘It is also possible that the same machine could be both a left hand and right hand machine subject to simple reversal of a printhead ‘module’ (unless a bi-directional printhead is available).’
    • ‘Furthermore, a doughnut-shaped bubble is formed to eject ink in the printhead, thereby preventing a back flow of ink as well as formation of satellite droplets that may degrade image resolution.’