Definition of printer-friendly in US English:



  • Formatted for output to a printer, with extraneous material deleted or suppressed.

    ‘printer-friendly sample ballots to take with you to their polling place’
    • ‘The site also offers printer-friendly pages for, say, users who want to look up recipes at work, then shop for the ingredients on the way home.’
    • ‘Readers will also note that we now have the ability for you to choose a printer-friendly version of our templated articles.’
    • ‘I looked around the office, saw there was no one by the printer, checked the print queue, and sent the printer-friendly version to print.’
    • ‘If you have to write a long article, provide a printer-friendly page so that your readers can print the article and read it off-line.’
    • ‘Click on either site's weekly menu planner for week-at-a-glance menu suggestions, with printer-friendly recipes.’