Definition of printed circuit in US English:

printed circuit


  • An electronic circuit consisting of thin strips of a conducting material such as copper, which have been etched from a layer fixed to a flat insulating sheet called a printed circuit board, and to which integrated circuits and other components are attached.

    • ‘It could also make metal objects out of a special alloy that melts at low temperatures, making it suitable for use in printed circuit boards for electronics.’
    • ‘A typical system includes a milling machine for making precision parts, a cutter for producing simple printed circuit boards, and software for programming cheap chips called microcontrollers.’
    • ‘The two Japanese companies are seeking to expand sales in other parts of Asia, as demand for copper is expected to rise for use in production of printed circuit boards and other electronics components, the report said.’
    • ‘IT products that Indonesia exports include telephone and facsimile machines, personal computers, printers, printed circuit boards, semiconductors and integrated circuits.’
    • ‘A number of firms offer assembly of electronic and electromechanical devices, starting at the level of the printed circuit board and advancing through complete device assembly.’


printed circuit

/prɪn(t)ɪd ˈsərkət/