Definition of print shop in English:

print shop


  • An establishment where the printing of newspapers, books, and other materials takes place.

    • ‘The banknote paper produced on huge reels that weighed up to 2.5 tonnes, was distributed to just 15 high security printing works in Europe, including the Central Bank of Ireland's mint and press.’
    • ‘They also saw no link between leukaemia and living near businesses such as those dealing with aluminium, plastic, wood, metalwork, printing works and ceramics.’
    • ‘About 6,000 copies of the first Inside Business magazine have been printed - at a printing works in Milton Keynes - and were distributed last week to 4,500 businesses in Dublin 1 and 2.’
    • ‘He'd stroll out to the printing works, pick up a few copies of the latest edition and then it would be into the newsroom for a quick look through the paper and a chat with the staff.’
    • ‘The extensive printing works ensured that the writings of Luther were available.’
    • ‘The proposed printing works will be based in the Avesta steel rolling mills site in Tinsley, which are owned by Polestar's development partner Gazeley.’
    • ‘Within six months the business had moved into an old printing works in Denes Lane, Pocklington, and boomed as industries in the area began to use him as a stopgap supplier of bespoke polythene bags.’
    • ‘Bernhard Walther, his wealthy pupil who had funded his instrument shop, observatory and printing works, began observations from Regiomontanus's observatory in Nuremberg on 2 August.’
    • ‘It is not difficult to determine whether a proposed workplace is to be a power station or a printing works.’
    • ‘A calico printing works, known as the Merton Abbey Print Works, had been founded on the priory site in 1724.’
    • ‘However, the switch will bring about the closure of the group's printing facility at the Western People in Ballina as well as the printing works at the Irish Examiner in Cork.’
    • ‘The Herald claimed it had ‘probably’ the longest stationery and printing works in the West Riding.’
    • ‘They're small service operators such as a printing works, a woman running a therapy business, a man with a transport company.’
    • ‘Huntley's father, Kevin, was an apprentice gas fitter while his mother, Lynda, was employed in a printing works.’
    • ‘The Limerick Leader has just moved its print operations from its cramped printing works at the back of its O'Connell Street office to a roomier site down the Dock Road in the Corcanree Industrial Estate.’
    • ‘But it's more than just an office block, it's an integrated newspaper production facility with the podium and slab offices linked to a separately treated but very fine attached printing works.’
    • ‘However, he was still concerned about the growth of the printing works, and whether the pollution control equipment could cope with the extra machinery.’
    • ‘My tiny Tweeddale Court office was alongside other editorial staff, in the roof space at the very top of the building; underneath us was the production department; and at the very bottom were the printing works and dispatch.’
    • ‘In 1843, Augusts Applegath established a silk and calico printing works in the town.’
    • ‘The plan has been to snap up regional titles and strip out costs by centralising printing works and back-office functions.’


print shop

/print ˈSHäp/