• A system or process whereby individual copies or small numbers of a text are printed to order, typically using digital technology.

    ‘most of the large publishers offer such computer-based services as e-books and print-on-demand’
    as modifier ‘print-on-demand technology’
    • ‘I was just wondering how come major publishing houses haven't started offering more obscure titles by Print-On-Demand?’
    • ‘Today, you still need money, but nothing like so much of it, and because of print-on-demand systems you no longer end up with a garage full of books.’
    • ‘With print-on-demand the printer produces hard copies of a book from a digital file - the file Lulu sends it when it receives an order.’
    • ‘This situation will probably continue as these companies often do a good job in preparing book content for further print-on-demand utilization.’
    • ‘These t-shirts are not print-on-demand.’
    • ‘You may now buy print-on-demand books from Harvard University Press.’
    • ‘Most people now use a word processor and, with the plummeting costs of printing and binding machines, true print-on-demand now exists.’
    • ‘There is no problem digitising books that are out of copyright - which could lead to a boom in the rapidly expanding print-on-demand industry.’
    • ‘But, the technology is about to take a giant step forward - to true print-on-demand - with the "demand" coming directly from consumers.’
    • ‘From this Spring, we're going to dip our toes into the water of print-on-demand, a technology that doesn't seem to have made any serious impact on publishing.’
    • ‘Printed and bound copies of the bibliography, with options to allow users to choose the content, will still be available through a "print-on-demand" service (details available shortly).’
    • ‘E-publishing and print-on-demand are key areas of interest, though in the current difficult economic climate most publishers remain cautious.’
    • ‘In addition, print-on-demand books can be a convenient way to distribute books that have low readerships, or to create custom readings for university students.’
    • ‘Does this print-on-demand production method compromise the quality of the books?’
    • ‘Under the new print-on-demand system, one course book is printed per student, which significantly reduces the amount of waste.’
    • ‘Because of the low set-up cost of modern print-on-demand technology, most books generate a modest profit.’
    • ‘Then you can shop it around to publishers or start investigating print-on-demand services while you complete the rest.’
    • ‘Davis said there has been a "steady increase" in the use of print-on-demand technology over the last three or four years.’
    • ‘Instead of expensive offset printing, which mainstream publishers use, print-on-demand relies on a glorified digital printer.’
    • ‘The difference between traditional vanity presses and modern print-on-demand publishing is essentially technology.’