Definition of primus inter pares in English:

primus inter pares


  • A first among equals; the senior or representative member of a group.

    • ‘Shifrin's clarinet collaborates as an elegant primus inter pares in these masterworks, weaving a gorgeous solo line through performances that are as silky-smooth as they are vitamin-rich.’
    • ‘In such a setting, the central person, as a kind of primus inter pares, interacted dramatically with the participants by appointing rights of attendance and status.’
    • ‘Six men, among whom Hong Xiuquan was only primus inter pares, divided power among them.’
    • ‘The king was a military as well as political leader, primus inter pares with his band of supporters and companions-not a divine being, in the Persian manner, but not a fellow-citizen in the Athenian one either.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Kings and queens have always been seen more as primus inter pares.’’
    • ‘The secretary of defense thus emerged as a true executive, not the primus inter pares he had been under the original law.’
    • ‘Over the past three to four decades the Canadian variant of the institution of prime minister and cabinet has departed significantly from the principle of primus inter pares.’
    • ‘Robert's problem remained that of becoming more than primus inter pares among the major magnates, who had done all too well out of the redistribution of lands held earlier by English noblemen.’
    • ‘The founding fathers did not want there to be a king, or even a primus inter pares, even if it was to be one of themselves.’
    • ‘As primus inter pares, Gordon just couldn't run roughshod over stars the same way he does with amateurs.’




primus inter pares

/ˌprīməs ˌin(t)ər ˈperēz/