Definition of primrose path in US English:

primrose path


  • The pursuit of pleasure, especially when it is seen to bring disastrous consequences.

    ‘unaware of his doom, he continued down his primrose path’
    • ‘In the one glass, alcohol can stimulate the mind or lend courage to the meek; in the other, it is a primrose path to perdition.’
    • ‘We can no longer be taken backwards so much that we cannot see when we are being led down a primrose path.’
    • ‘The populace wanting a reprieve from ‘the necessities of their condition,’ he wrote, had been led down the primrose path by a mirage of well-being to which ideological conjurers had made them feel entitled.’
    • ‘This game has been going on a long time, and better men than you or me have been led down the primrose path.’
    • ‘But pretending the budget doesn't matter is the primrose path to high taxes and poor services.’
    • ‘‘As much as I admire our top clients, if I'm not doing anything but listening to their opinions, I'm going to be led down the primrose path,’ Dexheimer says.’
    • ‘They chose the primrose path; when they found it was not all primroses, but some of it brambly, and much of it uphill, they began to think and to speak of themselves as holy martyrs.’
    • ‘It is often the hard taskmaster who alone succeeds in instilling mistrust of primrose paths.’
    • ‘Thank you for showing us the fallacy of the primrose path of safety before the stakes get too high.’
    • ‘It taps into discontent with the wealthy and powerful and the status quo, giving a taste of social critique, but gradually leads the viewer down the primrose path of acceptance and ultimate acquiescence.’