Definition of primordially in US English:



  • See primordial

    • ‘Darwinian theories are intended only to explain how it is that more complex living organisms developed from primordially simple living organisms, and hence do not even purport to explain the origin of the latter.’
    • ‘On a hot Sunday hike through primordially dense and verdant Florida woods, 6-year-old Nicholas stopped mid - trail, lifted his hand with authority, and commanded, ‘Wait.’’
    • ‘Certain sweet tastes, like that first chocolate chip cookie you have, will affect you almost primordially; a little bell goes off and that taste will be with you forever.’
    • ‘More likely, the food is just so primordially delicious that you don't care what anyone else thinks.’
    • ‘All my life I have been primordially alone, even when there was a friend around.’