Definition of primordial soup in US English:

primordial soup


  • A solution rich in organic compounds in the primitive oceans of the earth, from which life is hypothesized to have originated.

    • ‘Prior to that time, particles of energy, photons, and particles of matter, protons and electrons, were all mixed together in a kind of hot primordial soup.’
    • ‘So inspired was he, Miller set about recreating the primordial soup in the laboratory.’
    • ‘It has taken three to four billion years for our species to emerge since primitive life-forms first arose in the primordial soup.’
    • ‘The void evoked in the first few bars is bleak and barren, chilly vibrato-less strings and coldly gleaming brass, with winds bubbling away like some kind of primordial soup.’
    • ‘So, it seems, the Earth's primordial soup was primed with the monomers for making the polymeric components of primitive life.’
    • ‘Roll the clocks backward some more - say, 13.7 billion years - and you land squarely in the primordial soup of the big bang.’
    • ‘Its mission is to study the primordial soup of our solar system, which is sealed away inside comets.’
    • ‘But not all scientists agree that life evolved from chemicals in the primordial soup.’
    • ‘All of the stars, galaxies, and large-scale structure in our universe may have started as tiny quantum fluctuations in the primordial soup.’
    • ‘In trying to explain this ‘thing called love,’ they delve into the primordial soup of DNA, of birth and gestation.’
    • ‘Bada is involved in a branch of exobiology in which researchers study the possibility that comets and interplanetary dust particles gave the primordial soup the needed seasoning for life.’
    • ‘Here was the starfish that turns beautiful coral polyps into ‘green slime’ - words that invoke the slime of the alien in horror movies or the primitive wildness of the primordial soup from which life on earth first came.’
    • ‘The issue of the Special Creation of Life by a Higher Intelligence versus spontaneous generation from a primordial soup has been the subject of debate for many years.’
    • ‘Now, as far as I can understand it, and do correct me if I'm wrong, the evolutionists' theory has life beginning in some kind of primordial soup, then being subject to a process of evolution driven by natural selection.’
    • ‘Suddenly you can visualise your ancestors emerging from this salty primordial soup.’
    • ‘At the back of your mind is the idea that a lightning flash triggered a replicative system in the primordial soup, and suddenly the show was on the road.’
    • ‘Scientists yearn to study this untouched ecosystem, but to do so they have to find a way to reach its surface without pumping the ice barrier full of antifreeze - thus destroying the mysterious primordial soup below.’
    • ‘My characters drift back into the primordial soup from which they so recently emerged.’
    • ‘But this time, the noise and the power are not the end product: rather, they are the raw materials, the primordial soup out of which Vainio rips and pulls and molds and shapes nine beautiful, delicate, musical gems.’
    • ‘Within a few steps this primordial soup gave way to mosses, ferns and damp rainforest before opening up to show a variety pollinating plants.’